Voices 21C: A Collaborative Choral Enterprise
Ruth A. Debrot

How can passion for choral music be turned into something that challenges the status quo? Over the course of four seasons, VOICES 21C has progressed from being a short-term, project choir to an established, high-level performing choral collaborative. Like many community music choral organizations, VOICES 21C is centered on social justice themes that are highly relevant in today‘s world. Unlike many choirs, VOICES 21C is concerned with the empowerment of singers; both individually and collectively. Social justice, in the context of VOICES 21C, is where the intersection of critical and historical thinking, sustained inquiry, concern for a more equitable social order and for ―the marginalized other‖ take on significance. The group‘s critical, contemporary approach to choral singing evokes for the listener a thoughtful and provocative politicized perspective regarding the fears, hopes, and desires that characterize humankind. This article will address the philosophical, artistic and organizational processes that have evolved as the members of VOICES 21C have purposefully moved toward creating a more inclusive and collaborative, social justice-oriented choral enterprise.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v7n1a2