Role and Function of Brass Orchestra (Alloy Trumpet) as a Music Accompanist in the Protestant Church of Moluccas
Michael R. Kempa

Music becomes very important in Christian worship because, music in worship becomes a means for the congregation to express feelings through musical elements. Initially the musical accompaniment used in GPM is bamboo flute and keyboard but post colonization by the Dutch, resulting in the bamboo flute begins to disappear and is replaced with brass trumpet orchestra (trumpet alloy). Seen in roles and functions as musical accompaniment, trumpet alloys have not performed their duties and responsibilities well then, this paper will look back and reconsider the functions, roles and position of trumpet alloys that have existed in the congregations within GPM. So there is a balance between primary music (hymn singing) and secondary music (the accompaniment of the congregation singing, in this case the trumpet alloy). The research method used is qualitative method, data obtained by in-depth interview with key informant and participant observation that make so that data taken based on existing reality. However, based on research and data analysis, it is concluded that the function, role and position have not been run well based on 3 stages namely, 1. Pre Service (Pre-Perform) or preparation stage, 2. During Service (perform) and 3. Post- Service (post-perform).

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v6n1a5