Batik and Performing Arts, An Analogy and Meaning
Sutiyono Sutiyono

One of the most important words in art is beautiful. That beauty can move a feeling of pleasure. Art is not only beautiful and pleasurable, but also a means of communication of human feelings. Through this feeling communication can see batik art and performing art in Indonesia. This paper presents a series of reflections that distinguish between batik art and performing art, as both have an analogy and meaning in the life of Indonesian society.Batik art is one of fine arts that is a manifestation of human's work that contains elements of beauty in the visual sense. The medium for batik art is color. As a part of the visual arts, batik has a time (moment) at any time in which in the sense of batik art has a definite and permanent form. While the performing art is a combination of human's works performed in a show, such as dance, drama, and gamelan music. Medium of motion and sound is clearle showed in the performing art. Performing art have a limited time (moment). Performing art has a form that is not fixed and stable. Both batik and the performing arts have the same meanings, namely expressive, psychological, and spiritual meanings.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v5n1a6