Baroque Organ Cases in the Province of Palencia, Spain
Elena Le Barbier Ramos

The Iberian organ possesses certain original characteristics which are different from those of all other Baroque organs. Here, hitherto unpublished documents, found mainly in the historical archives of the province of Palencia (Castilla) will be used and a study and analysis will be carried out of the designs for the construction of the cases of Baroque organs, comparing them with those instruments which still exist today, as the majority of them are still to be found in the churches of this region. Both the master organ-builder and the master architect must draw up a design showing the characteristics that the instrument will have. The master architect will decide on where materials are to be obtained, the number and shape of the towers in relation to the stops, the design of the columns, decorative elements including angel musicians or others, and also the final price. A study will also be made, from the point of view of musical iconography, of the case of the great Baroque organ in the Cathedral of Palencia, which, amongst other decorative elements, shows Saint Cecilia playing the organ, King David playing the harp and a broad and varied selection of angel musicians.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v3n2a4