Listening and Analysis of Mixed Electroacoustic Music as Tools for Interpretation´s Construction
Ronan Gil de Morais

The development of methodologies and tools for performing construction is important to broaden the scope of opportunities available to the performer for their musical practice. This article deals with the analysis of mixed electroacoustic music from listening as well as analysis of a specific tool for this genre, the functional analysis conceived by Stéphane Roy. All the proposed analytical approach is oriented towards the development of interpretative choice and performative construction directly related to the analyzed elements and to the sound units recognizable by listening within the set of sounds fixed by the electronics. Specific elements of this theoretical analytical model and its applicability in musical practice are covered. Listening is the way of accessing to different informations while analyzing the tape and preparing the performative version, but it is also the important link between performer and electroacoustic sounds during the liveperformance. This article proposes the use of the described method using spectrographic visualization software for the comparison of obtained data and published comparative results.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v3n2a2