Music and Leadership: the Role of the Conductor
Josep Gustems Carnicer, Diego Calderón Garrido, Salvador Oriola Requena

Leadership is a social competence linked to the figure of the conductor of a music group (choir, orchestra, gospel, and big-band). In the case of leadership, this is a skill you can develop, as you can learn to be a good director. This paper presents a series of reflections that link leadership and musical conducting, establishing different types of music conductors and their functions within a band or a choir –in rehearsals and concerts- , such as personal dimensions, verbal level, legitimacy, emotional self-awareness, social awareness (empathy, organizational awareness, social skill (inspirational leadership, influence, conflict management, teamwork and collaboration) and self-management (emotional self-control, adaptability, achievement orientation and positive attitude). The paper also speaks about different styles of leadership (analyzed by the psychological and social models) applied to many kind of musical activities, such as authoritarian, semi-authoritarian, laissez-faire, democratic, visionary, organizer, affiliative, and coach leader.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v3n1a8