Metamorphosis Music
Doc. PhDr. Jozef VereŇ°

The study is focused on breaking signs in the musical artefacts. This issue is demonstrated in music perception of the interval in different periods. Study examines the prevalence of one or several intervals depending on how the perception of music covered a range with its fluctuations over the musical development of the nationalities and their musical taste. Out of the music techniques attention is given to development of vocal polyphony, which again began to consolidate the value of the chord, tonality, harmony. Text deals also with chromatics, atonality, electronic music, unconventional composing technologies aimed to find new ideals of sound, space, place, time, etc. Selected methodological approach provides not only guidance in the musical transformations, but also useful impetus for exploring many other musical attributes. In the second part of the study we have examined the relationship between music listeners and transformation of the creative production forms of musical life and new distribution activities of musical pieces.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v3n1a10