Evidences and Applications of Proverbs, Parallelism, Fables in Abigbo Musical Structure
Okoro, Justice Chukwudi PhD.

This study is situated in Abigbo music of Mbaise, a society of three Local Government Areas with five clans. It is geared to scrutinize the availability of fables, parallelism and proverbs as well as how and why they are conventionally applied in Abigbo as facets of its musical structure. That the aforementioned factorsare integrated into the ensemble is evidently a given. This investigation is embarked on with the view to advancing the place of these constituent thrusts of the paper in traditional music setting, using Abigbo as a case study. Besides, the study will give sense of direction aimed at augmenting contemporary approach to the application of these salient subject matterin our vocal music rendition in the face of music innovation continuum. Data were collected from the author"s residual knowledge of the subjects of investigation, the print media documented in the library, through interview and privileged participant observation among the key artistes of the ensemble. Findings as highlighted in the paper speak volumes for the inevitability of proverbs parallelisms and fables prevalence in Abigbo music. Their effective application yields music aesthetics, guides against much emphasis on lexical expressions, promotes confidential information dissemination among select few within the audience in the rural but multi-lingual culture.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v9n1a3