“From Dusk to Light – an approach to the music of Edison Denisov”
Gonçalo André Dias Pescada

The complexity and dense texture of Edison Denisov"s music seems to contrast with the simplicity and clearness sounds that cross the listener"s universe and its capability to understand the flow and direction of the melodic line. “From Dusk to Light” takes us for moments of incredible complexity of written music, surpassing the notes in the score and fulfilling our imaginary and soul of dreams about different moments that extend from chaos to purity. This musical work defies the interpreter"s sensitivity and the limits of the instrument in modern language to over cross different patterns of construction, objectivity, pure intuition and assertiveness in the musical field. It also determines the profile and the creativity of the composer to paint a musical picture with modern language, technic and ability. This article is presented in three main sections: general notions about the composer and the work, interpretative analysis of the work and the interpreter"s point of view. Some frames and musical examples enrich the text in order to contribute for the understanding of musical ideas.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v9n1a1