Beauty/Schönheit/Skönhet An Artistic Research Project in Music and Dance
Susanne Jaresand, Maria Calissendorff

In an artistic project we investigated the points of contact between choreography and music composition in a listening stance, where the meeting between the artists was visible and audible. Collective creative processes arose from this attitude of listening. One way to bring forth the listening stance – and not only uni-directionally, as when a choreographer uses a through-composed piece of music – was to let a composer write music to a dance, choreographed in silence. The performance gave the opportunity to change rituals around listening that are predominantly current in an attempt to resuscitate the eyes, ears, inner and outer attention to a reflective listening; to take these thoughts where the body goes and break the patterns of embodied and cognitive ways of thinking. In a position of stillness, one can renew, breath, give and open up to new opportunities. The cognition/corporeality of the dance became a way to listen to music.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v6n2a1