Image and Memory as Stimuli for Better Assimilation and Expressivity in the Movement Realization
Jéssica Cristina da Silva, Mariana Baruco Machado Andraus

The body image, in Paul Schilder’s vision, is an ideia that we form of our own body, understood in one approach elaborated by the author from concepts of neurology, of psychoanalysis and philosophy. In this paper it is intended to explore the body image, concept of Paul Shilder, wondering if the use of mental images, allied with an awareness of one own emotions and a sensibilization work for the kinesthetic sensations associated with the movement, can help dancers to promove a transformation of their body image. It is known that this transformation can take off the person of a comfortable every day state proprioception, and can generate a bigger possibility of creation in dance or any another area. That creative state will be activated from the use of mental figures, which can be connected to the body memory and the students affective memory, which are strands worked by Constantin Stanislavski.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmpa.v2n2a5